Replicating The New Top Bucks in the World.

I hope you find my replicas the best quality on the internet! My goal is not to be the biggest. Every set of replicas are done by myself and are out of molds I made.  


Are you looking for a great piece of artwork for your home? My website presents you with an overview of my artwork, and you can also contact me directly. I'm sure you'll find something that meets your taste! 


1st place Masters Division World Taxidermy Show 1999. Illinois Taxidermy show 1st place Masters Division. 

I have replicated many bucks and worked with companies you might know:


Bass Pro Shop



Hole in the Horn

Jerry Bryants buck

World record Elk

Number 2 typical mule deer

Bob Chesnut buck

Sam Collora Buck

Grundy buck

Okray buck

Jerry Martin Buck (Bass Pro)

Sam Townsend Buck

Randy Simonitch Buck

Mike Lock World record antlered doe

Kansas prince sheds

Backyard buck sheds

Benson buck and sheds

Little Hole in the horn

Ronald Martin Buck

Denny Stiner buck

Nathan Webster buck

Dwight Green buck

Ernie Hires buck

Travis Cockburn Buck Bowkill  Biggest 2011



Many bucks in North American Whitetail magazine and Big Buck Magazine




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